Stamps, Name Badges, Desk & Door Signs

We are now happy to offer our customers an easy to use online ordering system for Stamps, Name Badges, Desk & Door Signs.

You can now order some of our products online and have a proof sent to you within minutes and have your item within a few days. The website is easy to use and if you have any problems you can give us a call to help you through it. You can also download a copy of the How to Order Online document. Click here to go to our online ordering site.

Some of the common product prices are listed below, if you require a price for anything else please Contact Us.

Name Badges


 Name Badge        Lines     Price
 NB2 2  $ 30.10
 NB3 3  $ 34.10
 NPM - Magnetised    $ 58.95


Desk Sign  Description  Price 
DESKA        Desk Sign Acrylic Complete          $56.00
DESKHO  Desk Sign Alum. Holder Only  $33.05
DESKIO  Desk Sign Insert Only  $51.55

Door Sign  Description Price
DOORA  Door Sign Acrylic Complete  $53.30
DOORHO  Door Sign Alum. Holder Only  $30.95
DOORIO  Door Sign Insert Only  $51.55